Emery County Commissioners Take Care of Business


By Julie Johansen

The Emery County Commissioners ratified a non-disclosure agreement between Emery County and Zions Bank as their meeting began on Tuesday afternoon. This agreement would permit Zions Bank to release information to a consultant who has been hired to track transient room taxes (TRT) coming into the county.

Approval was also given to the county’s insurance renewal plan for the coming year. The medical insurance premiums are increasing because of the ratio of paid benefits compared to premiums paid. The remainder of the insurance stays the same and is not increasing.

The awarding of the bid opened last week for weed control and fertilization treatments was approved to Lawn Tech. A donation to the Castle Country Fuller Center golf tournament fundraiser was then approved in the amount of $250.

Acceptance of notice awards from the Natural Resources Conservation Service in the amount of $63,000 for the Cottonwood Creek-Joe’s Valley Watershed project and another for $1,310,000 for summer monsoon flash flooding were approved. The Emery County Policies and Procedures Manual was then amended to adopt Juneteenth (June 19) as a recognized holiday and add a bereavement policy.

Following this, approval then given to the Emery County Library System to purchase a 2006 Chevy Impala to be used as the director’s vehicle. The 2023 CIB Prioritization/Projects list was also approved.

During the elected officials’ reports, Emery County Sheriff Greg Funk voiced appreciation for all the work volunteered on the desert during Easter weekend and the following weeks. He said that mental calls are becoming their main calls and they have been extremely busy working in this area. Commissioner Kent Wilson added that the state is recognizing the importance and is working to find solutions. Commissioner Gil Conover added his compliments to the rescues and concerns to this discussion.

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