Emery County Commissioners Wrap Up 2021


By Julie Johansen

Emery County Commissioner Lynn Sitterud began the December commission meeting by thanking the county employees for a long streak with no loss of time injuries as he drew names for the awarding of the Visa gift cards. Those receiving the cards were Nathan Martinez, Jared House, Haylie Guymon, Kyle Scow, Dustin Deto and Michael Horton.

Ratification of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was then signed between Emery County Emergency Medical Services and the United States Department of Energy. This is needed to provide EMT service for the hauling of tailings from Moab to Crescent Junction. The service is closer from Green River to Moab, presenting the need for this MOU.

Robert Jensen next presented an update to the commission on the senior citizen program in Emery County. He reported that centers and activities are nearly back to normal following the closure for the COVID-19 pandemic. The senior centers are now open and exercising is beginning. It was also announced that new Meals On Wheels vehicles will be arriving soon.

Next, a donation of $250 for each of the three participants in the 4-H Coalition attending a national conference in Washington D.C. in February was granted by the commission.

The 2022 holiday schedule, the commission annual meeting schedule and the fee schedule for Emery County were also approved. The schedules remained the same as 2021.

Bids for the RFPs for EMS liaison/consultant, training officer and instructor at Emery High were opened and reviewed, though no action was taken during the meeting. The annual agreement between Emery County and Utah State University for USU Extension services was approved as were the amended bylaws of the Emery County Travel Bureau.

The contract between USDA Wildlife services for predator control in the amount of $6,000 was also approved. Of this amount, 50% is refundable, making the cost to the county $3,000. Change order number 19 on the Millsite Rehabilitation project and an application for federal assistance for Project FY 2021 Summer Monsoon Flash Flooding also received approval.

The amended bylaws of the travel bureau, which have been reviewed by the county attorney, were then approved. A change order for the fence around the county road shop was also approved. This was necessary as the materials needed to finish were insufficient and more were needed.

To conclude, Emery County Sheriff Greg Funk reported that the sheriff’s office has been busy with the legislative demand for de-escalation training for deputies and getting everyone updated on regulations. He also announced that the annual Shop With a Cop event is planned for Wednesday, Dec. 15. This event will benefit more than 20 children in the county.

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