Emery County Community Theater Performs in Green River


The Emery County Community Theater presented its rendition of “A Christmas Carol” at the Green River High School auditorium on Monday. The play was presented in a radio broadcast style of yesteryear.

Under the direction of Sarah Wolford, the classic story was told by narrator Orson Wells, played by John Hughes. The production follows the story of a cranky old miser Ebeneezer Scrooge, played by Kory Larsen, as he is visited by three spirits of Christmas, in which he is transformed into a kinder man. The play featured the talent of the “Jingle Gals,” played by Tricia Erickson, Tasha Jewkes, Melinda Durrant and Jenny Durant, and their advertisements in old time song throughout the presentation.

The presentation included the additional talents of Ben Wolford, Weston Cook, Wayne Roberts, Suzette Roberts, Becky Cook, Brennan Durrant, Jan Hanson, Vickie Kinder, Jordynn Wolford, Kayden Yeates, Clinton Olsen, Ethan Olsen, Charity Raisor, Natalie Olsen, Megan Hess, Kaylee Durrant, Kaylie Raisor, Morgan Hughes, Allisha Hughes, Isabella Erickson, Angela Paskett and Susan Hess.

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