Emery County Elementary School Students Dance The Night Away


By Julie Johansen

Sixth grade students from four different Emery County elementary schools entertained at the Spartan Center on Friday afternoon.

Each school performed three dances; most of them included a line dance, a couples dance and then a dance of their choice. Cleveland Elementary went first with 26 participating students. They dedicated their dance to Jamie Jensen. Next, Huntington Elementary donned shiny silver and pink hats and danced to “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” Each student then found a partner in the audience for their next dance. The 42 participating Huntington students finished their performance throwing candy kisses to the audience.

Twenty-eight students from Cottonwood Elementary danced to the song “Bad Boys” dressed as super heroes with capes and masks. Thirty-nine Ferron Elementary students, wearing baseball shirts for Averie’s Team, danced with baseball bats and then jived to a couples dance, finishing with a line dance. The production culminated with a combined dance by all four schools.

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