Emery County Employees Recognized for Years of Service


Emery County Commissioners recognized many employees for their years of service to the county at a meeting on Tuesday.

Attorney Michael Olsen, David Ames from the road department, Janetta Young with the library and Tyson Huntington with the Emery County Sheriff’s Office all received an award for five years of service.

Employees who received an award for 10 years of service were Michael VanWagoner with the sheriff’s office, Gaylenne Conder from the extension office and Ron Manzanares from the road department.

Attorney W. Brent Langston received an award for his 15 years of service and Marian Mangum from the library and Nancy Orgill from the attorney’s office both accepted awards for their 20 years of service.

Annette Allen with the DMV, Leslie Bolinder from the Emery County Commissioner’s Office, Lynda Smith with the road department and the late Cheryl Keener from the sheriff’s office received awards for 25 years of service. Cheryl’s husband Michael Keener accepted the award on behalf of his wife.

Commissioners took a chance to thank the employees for their dedicated service to the county and to award them with a recognition certificate.

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