Emery County Food Bank Needs Donations

This time of year as the holidays approach, everyone’s thoughts turn to food.

Emery County Food Bank Coordinator Katherine Emanuele and assistant

Camille Campbell are concerned

because the supplies at the food bank are so limited. At this time they

have no turkeys available.

Their usual supplier, a turkey grower from Sanpete County, was unable to

donate this year because of the

epidemic of bird flu that hit the country earlier this year which greatly

reduced his production.

Other food items are also needed.  The shelves are scantily stocked.  The

local bank does not receive as much

from the Utah Food Bank as they previously have done. Perishable, as well

as nonperishable items are also

accepted as they do have refrigeration and freezer space available.  Emery

County Food Bank serves about 120

families each month. Their hours are 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m. Tuesday,

Wednesday, and Thursday at

40 South Center Street, in Castle Dale. Coordinator Emanuele ask that

anyone wanting donate contact her

on her cell, 749-1750.  She stated they have volunteers to help pick up

donations or they can receive

them at the center.Emery County Food Bank works directly under Geri

Gamber, Community Service Project

Manager in Price.

Kat wanted to thank local gardeners for their generous donations of

produce during harvest time.  She also greatly

appreciates Wheeler Manufacturing for their donation of time; also local

volunteers and workers.She also noted

that Utah Power and Light Credit Union is rewarding their customers that

bring in food items for the food bank.

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