Emery County Historical Society Hosts Third Annual Antique Road Show/Christmas Party


The Emery County Historical Society hosted its third annual Antique Road Show/Christmas Party at the Museum of the San Rafael Thursday evening. The evening opened with a performance from Curtain Call.

Members were asked to bring their favorite Christmas goodies and any pioneer antiques they had. Those in attendance then shared with members their antiques and where they came from.

Phil Fauver brought several old cameras and talked about the history of each of them while Frances Swasey showed a fluted sherbet dish from Federal Glass Company and an Anchor Hocking Royal ruby vase. JR Nelson brought part of an old donkey shoe, a square nail and a beekeeper smoker. Pat Anderson had a Victrola VIII 1911-1924 record player that he demonstrated and Evelyn Huntsman had an apple peeler to show. Mary Ann Jorgensen showed and discussed the history of an 1827 brooch, which has been passed down to the first daughter born from generation to generation and a pair of earrings dated back to 1826.

The historical society has several books available to purchase including Castle Valley, a History of Emery County, available for $15. This book and several others can be purchased at the Emery County Archives office. Please call (435) 381-3563 for more information.

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