Emery County Historical Society Treks to Green River


Press Release

Along with thousands of other people, members of the Emery County History Society converged in Green River for 2022 Melon Days on Sept. 17. The day was pleasant and sunny after the recent rains of the week and made for a delightful trip.

Following the parade in town, society members were treated to a tour of the Green River archives hosted by Elayne Hinsch. The archives are located in the basement of the John Wesley Powell River History Museum and provide a wealth of information about the history in Green River and nearby localities. Hinsch explained that collections are carefully housed in the cool room to protect historical documents. She keeps many digital copies of available books and papers in addition to the originals.

Hinsch came from Pensa Cola, Florida several years ago and found a job at the museum in this desert community. Guests asked questions about materials housed in the archives. Hinsch generously offers research services in the archives for anyone who wishes. She said to just give her a call at the museum, and she will gladly do her best.

Society members browsed the museum collections and were free to visit the celebration in town. There, they enjoyed the many vendor booths and complimentary watermelon served by from the Vetere, Thayn and Dunham growers. Thanks to those who joined the excursion.

“Memories & Melons,” recently published by the Emery County History Society, was available for the day. If anyone is interested in purchasing a copy, contact Cynthia Grant at (435) 749-1210 or Joyce Miya at (801) 558-2219, or visit the Emery County Archives.

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