Emery County Honors April Employee of the Month


Tuesday at the Emery County Commission meeting, commissioner Ethan Migliori announced that Loyette Holdway was the April Emery County employee of the month.

“Loyette started working for the library system in 1985 as the assistant librarian in Huntington,” Migliori explained. “In 1994, she became the head librarian in Elmo when the Elmo Library was built. In 2004, she moved again to the Cleveland Library to take over as head librarian there at the retirement of Nicky Carter.

She has worked for the library system for 29 years now. Loyette is an asset to the system. She is a very hard worker, she is creative and makes the library an inviting place to be. She is very personable and works well with the patrons.

She has many school classes from Cleveland Elementary and the kids love her. Even though it isn’t her job to read to them, she continues to do that because she loves the kids and likes to keep them excited about reading. She’s involved in other aspects of the community like community theater. She can act and has an incredible singing voice, which helps her do fun story times.

We are fortunate to have Loyette at the Cleveland Library and want to thank her for her years of service.”

Holdway was presented with a certificate, a plaque and some Emery County bucks, which can be used at businesses in the county.

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