Emery County Honors Employee of the Month for March


Commissioner Ethan Migliori announced Tuesday at the Emery County Commission meeting that Mick Robinson is the March employee of the month.

According to Migliori, Robinson is a great asset to Emery County. He has worked as a GIS specialist and IS/GIS technician for 14 years. His attention to both presentation and function have enhanced projects produced in the IT office. He takes pride in his work and has a knack for the aesthetics of the projects he is assigned.

Robinson’s specialized knowledge on data conversion, Quickbooks and Excel has been crucial in extenuating circumstances of the Emery County Housing Authority operation. His expertise has allowed this office to function during a difficult transition period.

Robinson is also an EMT-A working out of the Castle Dale/Orangeville ambulance garage. Migliori explained that he is a tremendous asset with scheduling and making sure that supplies are stocked and ready to respond to any emergency situation.

Also at the meeting, Lacy McElprang and Hadley Cloward appeared before commissioners to ask for a donation for the Emery Rodeo Team. Commissioners approved a $250 donation.

Finally, Utah State Fire Marshal Ted Black presented proposed changes to the Wildland-Urban Interface Ordinance.

The next Emery County Commission meeting will be on March 17at the Emery County Courthouse.

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