Emery County Hosts District Spelling Bee


Emery County School District hosted the district spelling bee on Feb. 3 where winners from all Emery County schools came together to compete. Twenty-two winners from the elementary schools and junior high schools were able to compete in the spelling bee.

By the end of the first round only eight of 22 participants were left and at the end of the second only half of the previous participants remained. Passing quickly through the other rounds, only three participants remained; Jayce Rudd from Canyon View, Jace Jorgenson from San Rafael and Joey Leonard from Book Cliff Elementary.

After a few rounds spelling word after word, winners were finally chosen. Jorgenson was the first place winner of the spelling bee. Rudd finished in second place and Leonard in third. These boys will now have the chance to represent Emery County at the regional spelling bee in March.

Although there were only three final winners of the district spelling bee, each student received their own plaque that stated “You Are All Winners.”

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