Emery County Hosts Mounted Thunder CMSA *Photo Gallery*


The second and final day of Castle Dale’s annual city celebration featured Utah’s Mounted Thunder for a CMSA event.

The competition was divided between classes as participants traveled from throughout Utah for the event. In the end, victors were named as follows:

Class L1 – Alex Winder – 1st
Class L2 – Marcie Duke – 1st
Class L3 – Lisa Grimsley – 1st
Class L4 – Denise Sullivan – 1st
Class M1 – Joseph Sullivan – 1st, Kort Casperson – 2nd, Zack Kirk – 3rd
Class M2 – JD Casperson – 1st, Sam Colgan – 2nd
Class M3 – Tyler Johnson – 1st, Justin Duke – 2nd, Greg Wilson – 3rd
Class M4 – Tom Henderson – 1st
Class SL2 – Karmel Clay – 1st
Class SM2 – Tad Jolley – 1st, Danny West – 2nd, Rick Johnson – 3rd
Class SM3 – Lon Pritchard – 1st
Class SM5 – Scott Duke – 1st
Class SM6 – Frank Young – 1st
Class WRL – Ejay Duke – 1st, Judd Casperson – 2nd, Garrett Henderson – 3rd
Class WRO – Shyanne Boyd – 1st, Trey Casperson – 2nd

“The Castle Dale shoot was awesome,” Utah’s Mounted Thunder shared. “Thanks to everyone who came out to play. We all had a great time.”

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