Emery County Jail Bookings August 1 – September 3

Name Date Charge
Dillon Wilstead 8/1/16 Commitment to Jail
Derek Zmerzlikar 8/2/16 Commitment to Jail
Kevin Waters 8/2/16 DUI
Christopher Southards 8/4/16 Criminal Mischief
Charles Jensen 8/19/16 Burglary
Jinan Ramos 8/19/16
Midge Sherman 8/22/16 Warrant of Arrest
Dallas Christensen 8/22/16 Accident Damage, DUI (2 Counts)
Cammie Haskie 8/23/16 DUI, Unlawful Purchase/Poss by Interdicted
Ethan Hurdsman 8/23/16 Discharging of Firearms
Shyo Yazzie 8/23/16 Possession of Marijuana Class B
Coleden Buchanan 8/23/16 Impaired Driving
Kenneth Steele 8/23/16 Warrant of Arrest
Courtney Haskie 8/24/16 Drug Court Violation
Shane Laursen 8/25/16 Warrant of Arrest
Jeannette Wetzel 8/25/16 Warrant of Arrest
Christopher Leyba 8/25/16 Commitment to Jail
Donald Bostwick 8/27/16 Warrant of Arrest
Jonathan Brinkerhoff 8/28/16 Warrant of Arrest (2)
Melinda Atwood 8/28/16 DUI, Speeding, Possession of Paraphernalia
Lyle Potter 8/29/16 Rape of a Child
Ricardo Bernal 8/29/16 Warrant of Arrest
Brandon Gray 8/31/16 Criminal Mischief, DUI
Jamie Peacock 9/1/16 Commitment to Jail
Angela Bloom 9/3/16 Domestic Violence in the Presence of Child, Intoxication, Assault
Shannon Rasmussen 9/3/16 Unlawful Purchase, Possession, Consumption by Minor, Interfering with Arresting Officer


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