Emery County Jail Bookings March 3-15

Arrest Date Name Age Charge
3-Mar Remini Murphy 21 Warrant
3-Mar Corbett Sather 36 Warrant
7-Mar Dale Balder 34 Commitment
7-Mar Scott Ford 55 Damage to Communication Device, Assault
7-Mar Ace Jensen 18 Warrant
7-Mar James Jones 42 Warrant
7-Mar Richard Riley 45 Driver License Revoked/Suspended/Denied
9-Mar Thaddeus Curtis 41 Commitment
10-Mar Molina Lee 41 Book and Release (Theft)
10-Mar Kelly Ostler 51 Commitment
10-Mar Robert Price 37 Book and Release (Impersonation of Officer)
10-Mar Bart Roundy 57 Book and Release (Assault, Disorderly Conduct, Intoxication)
12-Mar Jessica Machester 34 Commitment
13-Mar Anthony Okamura 42 Warrant
14-Mar Eunice Trejo 23 Child Abuse
15-Mar Darlene Morrow 42 Warrant
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