Emery County Jail Bookings November 29-December 25

Arrest Date Name Age Charge
1-Dec Michael Christman 62 Commitment to Jail
1-Dec Harold Drake 56 Book and Release
1-Dec Kolton World 29 Theft by Deception, Forgery
2-Dec Ted Truesdell 57 DUI, Speeding, Interfering with Arresting Officer
3-Dec Isaac Allread 32 Drug Court Hold
3-Dec Dawna Hayward 25 Drug Court Violation
3-Dec Isaac Thomas 27 Commitment to Jail
5-Dec Melvin Ballesteros 23 Speeding, Possession of Controlled Substance
5-Dec Tien Dao 20 Possession of Controlled Substance
6-Dec Clayton Bell 33 DUI
6-Dec Lacie Ward 31 Public Intoxication
8-Dec Todd Cole 37 Theft
8-Dec Rowdy Housekeeper 20 Book and Release
8-Dec Jason Turpin 47 Warrant
9-Dec Troy Atwood 28 Assault, Felon is Possession of Dangerous Weapon
9-Dec Justin Ricciardi 35 Possession of Marijuana
9-Dec Jakob Trolin 20 Book and Release
11-Dec Ricardo Del-La-Cruz 25 Possession of Methamphetamine
11-Dec Daniel Johnson 22 Commitment to Jail
11-Dec Skyler Montag 27 Warrant
13-Dec Sarah Allred 30 Domestic Violence in the Presence of Child, Assault, Intoxication
14-Dec Jozlyn Ganley 28 Warrant
14-Dec Brandee Sherman 41 DUI
15-Dec Darren Cook 47 Commitment to Jail
15-Dec Alonzo Najar Herrera 21 Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Methamphetamine, Tinted Window
15-Dec Andres Meza 23 Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Methamphetamine
16-Dec Jacob Olsen 21 Book and Release
17-Dec Jeremy Behling 39 Warrant
17-Dec Sydney Brunson 24 Book and Release
18-Dec Kristen Adair 34 Domestic Violence in Presence of Child
18-Dec Rusty Anderson 34 DUI
18-Dec Diana Pace 26 Commitment to Jail
19-Dec Steven Swanberg 60 Warrant
23-Dec Kyle Huntington 34 Warrant
24-Dec Walliam Parker 30 Warrant
25-Dec Allison Archuleta 41 Warrant
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