Emery County Jail Bookings October 13-16

Arrest Date Name Age Charge
13-Oct Michael Iriart 38 DUI, Expired Registration, Driving on Revoked Driver License
13-Oct Edward Magera 75 Distribution of Contolled Substance
13-Oct Matthew Youngblood 21 Distribution of Contolled Substance (3 Counts)
14-Oct Carlos Vega 31 Retail Theft
14-Oct David Young 55 Warrant
15-Oct Gavin Oviatt 19 Book and Release, Minor in Consumption, Unlawful Purchase/Possession by Interdicted Person
15-Oct James Parmar 19 Possession Drug Paraphernalia
16-Oct Ricky Ewell 43 Drug Court Violation
16-Oct Dillon Hastings 20 Distribution of Controlled Substance (2 Counts)
16-Oct Gavin Oviatt 19 Commitment
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