Emery County Librarian Honored for 39 Years of Service


By Kristi Maxwell

Flora Motte was hired on Jan. 1, 1975 as an assistant librarian at Cleveland Library under the direction of her sister, Mickey Carter. When she was hired, she worked two hours one day a week for $1.25 per hour. During the winter. she was paid $.50 extra to build a fire in the old library building. In the 29 years that Motte worked for the Cleveland Library, she assisted in changing facilities twice. In Jan. 2004, Motte had the opportunity to become the head librarian in Huntington, where she has excelled making the library a friendly and inviting place.

Emery County Commissioners honored Motte at their meeting on Tuesday for her hard work throughout the years. The commissioners stated that she is very talented, friendly and works well with everyone. They also praised her exceptional bulletin boards and displays. The commissioners expressed gratitude for all that Motte has done to make the libraries a success throughout her 39 years working for the library system in Emery County.

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