Emery County Librarians Try Their Hand at Coding and Programming


Press Release

Emery County librarians are once again learning new ways to serve our communities. This time, they are learning coding/programming. Yeah! That’s how cool our librarians are!

Roxanne Jensen applied for a grant from Birdbrain Technologies and was awarded 5 Finch Robot to be used from October to May, throughout the library system. Clinton Olsen, from the Emery County IT department, trained the librarians on programming. The USU Extension also partnered with the libraries to provide this service. They have loaned five laptops to be used with the Finch Robots. Each library will be hosting a monthly program of two classes per week. We will be signing up participants who are 4-H age, into Robotic 4-H to fulfill the requirements for our partnership for USU extension. The cost for registration to 4-H is $10.

Here’s where the Finch Robots will be each month: October: Green River, they will be holding classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 3:30 p.m.. October 2, 4, 9, 11, 16, 18, 23 and 25. November they will be in Huntington, we will give you dates and times as they become available. In December, they will be in Elmo. In January, they will be in Emery, February they will be in Cleveland, March they will be in Ferron, April they will be in Orangeville, and May they will be in Castle Dale.

Please come out and support this great program!

During the training, the librarians surprised Carole Larsen with a cake to celebrate her 40 years of library service. Carole Larsen is the current Emery County Library Director, and has been the Orangeville Librarian for 40 years. People throughout the county came to surprise her.

Emery County Librarians and Assistants who attended the training were:

Castle Dale: Roxanne Jensen and Sherri Jensen
Cleveland: Camille Thomas and Mindi Labraum
Elmo: Bonnie Day and Maria Johansen
Ferron: Sarah Jensen
Green River: Cindy Borrowman
Huntington: Becky Jewkes and Susan Hess
Orangeville: Carole Larsen and Melodie Hoffman

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