Emery County Libraries Celebrate National Library Week


By Julie Johansen

All the libraries in Emery County planned special activities for National Library Week, which took place April 8-12. The themes included exploring what was new at the libraries and meeting the librarians.

Ferron Librarian Colleen Murdock introduced herself as a superhero librarian complete with self-crafted cape and mask. Librarian Mirian George taught sewing to increase finger dexterity and lost skills at the Emery Library. Crafts from around the world were a special treat at the Orangeville Library shared with library guests by Melodie Hoffman and Julie Rollins.

Open houses were hosted at most of the libraries on different days during the week; Castle Dale turned its library into a carnival with Roxanne Jensen at the helm. Becky Jewkes in Huntington greeted elementary classes at an open house on Friday. Mindi Labrum at Cleveland and Bonnie Day in Elmo also hosted games and trivia at their libraries while Cindy Bowerman in Green River welcomed guests to special daysthroughout the week. Their invitations stated that “Because of You, Libraries Transform.”

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