Emery County Local Plans to Improve Little Bear Campground Landmark for Eagle Scout Project


Little Bear Campground is a popular camping area that is located in Huntington Canyon. Located at this campground is an old trail known as the Depression Hole Trail. The origin of the trail is an interesting one: the trail was constructed in the spring of 1932 by some cattlemen that resided in Huntington. The idea was to use the trail as a way to more efficiently herd cattle up to Gentry. The trail was constructed by drilling holes into the rock going up the canyon wall and placing metal pegs into the hotels with logs over them, then brushing dirt over to create the trail.

Alan Durrant, Emery County local, had the idea that his Eagle Scout project could be re-doing and improving the historical marker that announces the trail. Durrant reported this to the Emery County Commissioners during the commission meeting that took place on the afternoon of Tuesday. He informed the commissioners that the sign is looking worn out and weather-beaten. Durrant’s idea is to fully replace it with a new sign.

“I know that this will benefit the county because it will be more noticeable,” stated Durrant.

The sign that is currently in place to announce the trail was a previous Eagle Scout project that was completed in 1992. It is a wooden sign that has the information painted on. Durrant’s idea to make the sign more durable is to replace it with a steel or metal sign with the wording etched into the metal to prevent it from wearing out and to help it last longer.

Durrant would like to keep the original wording in order to give credit to the previous Eagle Scout and his project. He also acquired more information from a gentleman in Huntington that would be added to the sign. Durrant’s grandfather and uncle both work at steel fabrication plants in Salt Lake City. His father is also in the business, so Durrant has a decent knowledge and accessibility to the materials needed for the sign.

Durrant also plans on using steel piping donated from his father to make a type of telescope that will be connected to the sign and point toward the visible areas of the trail. Thus far, Durrant has assistance from his family and from his troop to work on the project. He also requested assistance from the commissioners, asking if they could donate materials needed or funding for the materials. He also plans on moving the sign to an area where it will be more easily noticed by tourists.

Currently, Durrant has three months to complete the project, but stated that he would like to have it finished before the new school year begins. With that having been said, Durrant estimated that the project should be completed around mid-August. The commissioners praised Durrant on the project, stating that they enjoy the idea of spotting the trail through piping. Also discussed by the commissioners was the fact that funding for Eagle Scout projects had been granted in the past. The decision was made to fund Durrant’s project by donating $250 for materials needed.

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