Emery County on Board to Authorize the Creation of the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition


After tabling the decision to approve a resolution authorizing the creation of the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition on July 8, Emery County Commissioners approved the creation at their meeting on Tuesday.

Attorney Eric Johnson of Blaisdell, Church & Johnson out of Salt Lake City addressed citizens’ concerns that were discussed at the July 8 meeting.

Johnson explained that by creating an interlocal coalition between the seven counties, as opposed to another special service district, all counties involved would share responsibility equally. If a special service district were created in place of the interlocal coalition, only one county would be the responsible party.

He also addressed questions about financial obligations and liability issues. Johnson stated that projects within the coalition would have to be self-sustaining and that revenues would pay for the project. He further explained that an interlocal agreement is a separate and independent body and that Emery County would not have any liability for what another county is doing.

The coalition would have an elected official from each of the seven counties and would be able to attract better grants and interest rates. A unified seven county entity would speak with more political clout and would have more favorable terms for state and federal funding.

Senator David Hinkins was also present at the commission meeting and has been involved in all aspects of the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition along with Senator Kevin VanTassell and Jeffrey Holt, Commission Chairman of the Utah Department of Transportation. Green River Mayor Pat Brady is also in support of the coalition.

After much discussion, commissioners decided they would sign the approval of resolution and interlocal agreement, thus creating the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition.

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  1. spooner52 says:

    Well this smells like goverment ….. Don’t we have enough goverment ? So now our elected representives can’t represent us in state legislature we need to team up on them… I’m satisfied with the amount of goverment we have already have. As an elected commissioner why trow this down the throats of the people who elected you…. It’s time we elect some representives that know how to lobby our legislature to get things done… It’s time we elect commissioners that can work with our representives. The people should be made aware of this and we all should have a vote on this matter, after all who do these commissioners represent? And once this Coalation is formed there going to from a Cush job for someone to represent the Coalation ! Come on wake up we can’t afford another form of goverment to represent our other form of goverment we already have it’s time we reconsider how we elect who we do, and make our representives accountable to represent us…. Who’s going to pay for this? And why can’t our representives represent us as there suppose to …. Don’t take there jobs away….

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