Emery County Piano Instructor Nears 50th Year of Career


For over 40 years, Eileen Lofthouse has made a well-known name for herself in Emery County, assisting many in learning the ways of music.

Lofthouse has spent decades as a piano teacher. She had studied piano throughout her youth and college, though she did not begin teaching until she had two young children and a third on the way, with a need for additional income.

From the need for the additional income bloomed a legacy that has spanned over the course of 47 years and many students.

Though a definitive number of students was not tallied, it was easily in the hundreds. Lofthouse’s daughter remarked that at her mother’s peak, she was teaching an impressive number of 40 students per week.

Though students from all over the area were welcomed to learn from Lofthouse, she has been stationed in Castle Dale through the entirety of her days of instructing.

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