Emery County Presents Employee of the Month


Commissioner Ethan Migliori announced on Tuesday that the Emery County employee of the month for August is Deputy Bo Minchey. Minchey was hired as a correctional officer in June 2011 and worked in the jail. He graduated as a correctional officer in September 2011. Minchey then attended post again in August of 2012 where he graduated as a law enforcement officer and became a road deputy. Additionally, he became a defensive tactics instructor in November 2012. According to Commisioner Migliori, Minchey is an exceptional officer for the Emery County Sheriff’s office.

“And I want to specifically document or tell you why I picked him,” Migliori explained. “Over the last month, we have had a couple of occasions where Bo has been able to handle some situations. His professionalism in dealing with those situations to make sure that he was helping resolve those issues so that our sheriff’s department can continue to stand out as an extremely exceptional department.

I’ve had a number of people approach me and give me compliments about him and his conduct in how he handled some of those situations and some other ones that I have interacted with,” Migliori continued. “It has been a good experience. So, we appreciate his service and his demeanor as a deputy and appreciate all he does.”

The next Emery County Commission meeting will be hosted in Green River on August 26 at 9 a.m. at the County Sheriff/County Complex at 45 East Farrer Street.

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