Emery County Recognizes Employee of the Month


Commissioner Ethan Migliori announced at the Emery County Commission meeting that Janet Damron is the employee of the month for the county.

Migliori proceeded to read a write up which was written for Janet by the recorder’s office.

“Janet Damron is the greatest asset to Emery County’s recorder office and a citizen of Emery County. She came to for the work for the office seven years ago and since day one, she has shown her dedication to doing a good job in all the duties assigned to her.

Her helpfulness to the public is appreciated by all those who come in to the office. She goes above and beyond to make sure that the public gets information they need. Many compliments have been made about how accommodating she is with the public. One gentleman actually brought a pizza to the office because Janet was so helpful to him. It is this kind of attribute that is so important when working with the public.

Janet appreciates her job and being able to help the public. Janet’s job duties also include a variety of office duties, dealing with the recording of many different types of documents, which pass through the recorder’s office each day. She is very conscientious of the importance of accuracy and dealing with the documents.

In the upcoming months, Janet will be training the newly elected recorder Connie Jensen and a new employee who will be replacing Sharon Boyle. This would be a challenge for any one person to train two new employees at the same time but we’re confident Janet will be up to the job that is ahead of her. The recorder’s office is going to be in good hands with these new changes and we appreciate all you have done for the county and to the state.”

Commissioners presented Janet with a plaque and Emery County bucks.

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