Emery County Sheriff’s Office Conducts Lockdown Drill at San Rafael Junior High


The Emery County Sheriff’s Office conducted a lockdown drill at San Rafael Junior High in Ferron on Monday. Personnel also hosted a drill at Cleveland Elementary last week and other drills are scheduled at schools throughout Emery School District in the future.

These drills give first responders, school administration, staff and students a glimpse of what would happen in an actual emergency. Drills also give first responders an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the layout of the school buildings.

The day before a lockdown drill at a school, sheriff’s office personnel conduct a walk-through. They visit each classroom dressed in full response gear, standard ECSO uniform and plain clothes with a badge. This way, students will know how responders might be dressed in an actual emergency. Personnel also explain what will be happening so the students will not be afraid when the drill takes place.

“ECSO believes that these drills are an important part of keeping our children safe and thanks Emery School District for allowing this valuable training in their facilities during school hours,” the sheriff’s office shared on Facebook. 

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