Emery County Sheriff’s Office Conducts Lockdown Drill in Huntington*Image Gallery*


Emery County Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT) conducted a lockdown drill at Canyon View Junior High School in Huntington on Thursday.


Other agencies participating were Utah Highway Patrol and Utah State Parks.

In the drill, an intruder with a backpack entered the school. The principal observed the intruder entering the building and immediately placed the school on lockdown. It was presumed that the intruder was armed. The intruder went through the school rattling locked doors in an attempt to enter rooms. SERT members responded and conducted a sweep of the building, determining that the intruder had left the building.

Once the building was deemed safe, the principal announced that students and faculty were to remain in their rooms and wait for SERT to assist them in evacuating. SERT members went room-by-room and escorted students and faculty to the gymnasium for shelter-in-place.

Once the rooms were emptied, SERT personnel conducted a more methodical search of the building to make sure no one was left behind or hiding.

The principal then announced that evacuation was complete. Roll call and head count were conducted and all students and faculty were accounted for. Following the lockdown drill, SERT personnel held a debriefing with students and faculty.

SERT leader Sgt. Tom Harrison stated that this type of training is beneficial to all involved – – students, faculty and law enforcement personnel – – as they all work together to deter problems on our school campuses and keep our most vital assets, our children, safe.В  В Written by Jan luke (Emery county Sheriff’s office)


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