Emery County Sheriff’s Office Conducts Mock Accident at Emery High School


An Every 15 Minutes program was recently conducted at Emery High School by the Emery County Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement agencies and emergency personnel.

The Every 15 Minutes website states that the program offers real-life experience without the real-life risks. This emotionally charged program is an event designed to dramatically instill teenagers with the potentially dangerous consequences of drinking alcohol and texting while driving. This powerful program will challenge students to think about drinking, texting while driving, personal safety and the responsibility of making mature decisions when lives are involved.

After the mock accident, students gathered in the auditorium at Emery High for a mock trial for the teen that was arrested for drunk driving and a mock funeral for the deceased teen. The students listened as Roy Day, who is currently incarcerated at the Emery County Jail, spoke about his experiences. In July of 2006, Day was driving under the influence and struck a six-year-old boy. He has served eight years at the Utah State Penitentiary and has been at the Emery County Jail for the past year for vehicular manslaughter.

For more information on the Every 15 Minutes program, please visit www.every15minutes.com.

*Photos staged for mock accident.

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