Emery County Sheriff’s Office Ensures Preparedness for School Emergencies


The Emery County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO) and Emery County EMS were assisted by 120 students that were a part of deputy Shaun Bell’s Emergency Medical Responder classes at Emery High School in participating in an active shooter drill at the high school on Wednesday.

The school was placed on a temporary lockdown during the drill by the administration and first responders tested team communications as well as response times and procedures while they worked to neutralize the mimicked threat and secure the school as quickly as possible.

From there, EMS personnel were tasked with entering the school to begin providing medical care to the mock victims. School administration also used this drill as their first test of a new reunification program.

New legislation made a requirement that the schools must have a reunification plan in place by the next school year to reunite students with their parents or other guardians following any type of school emergency.

“ECSO appreciates the cooperation of the Emery School District, which allows first responders to train as realistically as possible for threats against our schools,” the sheriff’s office shared.

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