Emery County Sheriff’s Office on the Lookout for Stolen Pipe From Cottonwood Canyon


Photo courtesy of the ECSO

On Wednesday afternoon, the Emery County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO) announced that a large amount of pipe has been stolen from a well site.

The site, located in Cottonwood Canyon, is believed to have been invaded between June 18 and July 8. The ECSO explained that the pipe is 2 3/8″ diameter. Each piece of pipe is 31-feet long.

A total of 178 pieces of pipe are currently missing from the well site. While the sheriff’s office did acknowledge that a significant amount of time has passed since the pipe initially went missing, personnel are urging any that may have been in the canyon and noticed anything suspicious to reach out.

Those with information may contact the ECSO Dispatch Center at (435) 381-2404.

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