Emery County Sheriff’s Office Personnel Resuscitate Maverik Employee


Emery County Sheriff’s Office Press Release

At 8:22 a.m. on Thursday, Emery County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch paged medical to the Maverik store in Castle Dale. ECSO personnel on patrol in the area responded to the page and arrived prior to the ambulance.
Sgt. Tom Harrison was first on scene followed by detective John Barnett. The male subject was unresponsive with no pulse and not breathing. Detective Barnett initiated CPR while Sgt. Harrison called for assistance. Jail Sgt. Dusty Butler arrived with an AED that is kept in the jail. While the AED was being connected, Sgt. Harrison took over chest compressions.
The AED was deployed, after which a pulse was detected and the subject started breathing on his own. He was transported by ambulance to Castleview Hospital and later transferred to another hospital. Maverik patron Kory Nelson also assisted.


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