Emery County Sheriff’s Office Searching for Suspect in Vehicle Theft


Press Release from Emery County Sheriff’s Office

SEARCH UNDERWAY: Tuesday morning at 8:10, ECSO dispatch received a call of a suspicious vehicle south of Emery near the old Consol Mine coal loadout. ECSO personnel responded and are currently searching for the driver shown in this photo.

The vehicle appears to have been stolen as the ignition has been pryed open. The vehicle was left running when it was abandoned. This photo is the man that law enforcement personnel are searching for. The photo was taken by surveillance cameras at a gas station in Salina last night where the suspect was involved in a gas skip. If you see this man, please contact the Emery County Sheriff’s Office at 435-381-2404.

This is a good time to be reminded of the importance of keeping your homes, vehicles, garages, sheds and camp trailers, etc. locked. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING.

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