Emery County Signs Community Covenant


During the Emery County Commission meeting on Tuesday, the county showed once again their gratitude and support for those who serve our country.

Just after Veteran’s Day Emery County signed the Community Covenant, aВ program formed in 2008 designed to improve the quality of life for soldiers and their families. When agreeing to the covenant it is viewed as a formal commitment of support by state and local communities to soldiers and their families of the army and other branches of the military.

With Veteran’s Day fresh in everyone’s minds, the signing of the Covenant was a reminder of who has fought for our freedom.The American Legion presented the Colors before the meeting was called to order, and fellow Commissioner, Laurie Pitchforth, led those who attended in the National Anthem with her angelic voice. The Commission members signed the document with pride, followed by elected officials, and honored community members. The document signifies a community that will show their love and support for their country by always aiding a soldier, a veteran, and the families of those who serve.

“I am deeply greatful for those who served and are serving,” Commissioner Horrocks said.”God Bless all of our troops, and say a prayer for the military personnel who gave the ultimate sacrifice in serving; the true heroes did not come home.”

In honor of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, the county erected a monument recognizing all Emery County Veterans. The commissioners were espcially thankful to the American Legion and Commissioner Pitchforth encourages other community members to step forward and serve.

” I thank our vets, and our Legion,” Pitchforth said.”We need more to step up and serve to continue the honorable programs such as the American Legion, VFW and more.”

CommissionerВ Nelson was just as touched by the signing of the Community Covenant, and although he personnaly did not serve, as an educator he watched many of his students stand up to defend.

” I’ve had many members of my family serve, but where it touched the most in my life was during my time as an educator,” Nelson said.” It touches me deeply when my students would stop to say goodbye before they would leave to serve, I amВ definitelyВ a patriot.”

Sgt. Ryan Palmer of the Utah National Guard praised Emery County for theirВ undying support of our troops.

” I have become even more fond of Emery County for their willingness to show their support, it is not often that we have an entire county sign the Covenant, but I hope it to become a trend,” Sgt. Palmer said.



Other notes from the meeting:

-The county formed a committee with Commissioner Pitchforth to repealВ ordinanceВ No.5-5-93AВ updatingВ the purchasing policies to accomodate inflation. The last update was completed in 1993 and this will make it easier for the county to do business. Sect. 4 was changed from $300 to $500, Sect. 5 from $3,000 to $5,000. There was a motion by Commissioner Pitchforth to approve the changes, and that motion was seconded by Commissioner Nelson. All were in favor.

-With the bat problem stillВ plaguingВ the top floor of the court house, and more specifically the individual commission offices, the commission moved to increase the previous approved budget to extinguish the pest problem, adding $2,384. The final payout will occur when the building has beenВ eradicated.

-The Emery County Office of Tourism is pioneering a travel cell phone application. The office received a grant from the State of Utah to help them in the design process of the San Rafael Country App. The project will cost $10,000, in which $5,000 will be paid for by the afore mentioned grant, and $5,000 will come from theВ department’sВ allocated budget. The commission expressed their excitement for this project, and what it could mean for the tourism in the area.

– Some repairs to the Aquatic Center were approved including, the fire alarm system, handicap door controls, and the crash gate alarm. The fire alarm system needs to function properly, the Handicap door controls had been going out of production when installed, and now they need to be replaced, and the Crash door needs an alarm because the staff was made aware of non-paying customers being let in through the door.


The next Commission meeting will be held on November 27, 2012 at 9a.m.




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