Emery County Swamped with Severe Flooding


Emery County has been under a severe flash flood warning throughout the day. At about 3 p.m. this afternoon, the Emery County Sheriff’s office received a report of a flash flood flowing over SR 29 in Straight Canyon. The caller advised there were vehicles trapped above the slide. The sheriff’s office responded along with Utah Department of Transportation crews and after several hours, the roadway was cleared.

Following further investigation, the sheriff’s office located another larger slide on Cottonwood Canyon Road between SR 29 and the Trail Mountain Mine. Capt. Kyle Ekker hiked past the blockage and located some hunters and a camp up the canyon. Ekker was able to give the hunters directions down another canyon. The Emery County Road Department will have Cottonwood Canyon Road closed until the debris can be cleared from the roadway.


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