Emery County Travel Plans County Event Support


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By Robin Hunt

The Emery County Travel Bureau met for its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday. The meeting was led by Emery County Commissioner Keven Jensen.

The main topic of discussion for this month’s agenda was regarding the travel bureau’s support for events. The county is now supporting 37 events, and Emery County Travel Director AnnDee Mead and Commissioner Jensen both expressed their excitement about these events and the positive impact they have on the community. 

With so many events to keep track of, Mead, along with Emery County Event Coordinator Amanda Leonard, have worked to develop a new application for events. This new application will allow event coordinators to apply for funding from the county through a simple online form, after which coordinators will be notified of their award and be required to submit a post event report. Drafts of the online form and post event report were shown to the travel bureau council, who approved the process. This will likely be instituted at the beginning of the year.

The board also approved moving forward with “Life Energized” as the new brand for the Emery County Travel Bureau. This includes updating all marketing and print materials with the new brand. The council then approved funding to help supply Green River City with some event supplies. 

The council’s next meeting is scheduled for Dec. 12 at 3:30 p.m.

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