Emery Debate Results

The Emery High School speech and debate team competed at North Sanpete over the weekend. The following were results from the event:

Public Form:
2nd place Caleb Woolsey and Jenny Anderson

Lincoln/Douglas Debate:
2nd place Marqui Moss

Congress – House #1:
1st place Bryson Hales (also voted as best chair)
2nd place Laurel Jefferies
4th Tanner Peterson

House #2:
2nd Brinne Dawes
4th Tyler Rubio (also voted as best chair)

2nd place Jenny Anderson
3rd place Laurel Jefferies

1st place Jenny Anderson
2nd place Tanner Peterson

Humorous Reading:
1st place Mandy Davis
3rd place Tanner Peterson

Dramatic Reading:
3rd place Mia Doria

Duo scenes:
1st place Tyler Dasch and Taylor Weihing

Lip sync:
1st Whitney Withers and Mia Doria


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