Emery District Science Fair Brings Out the Scientists


By Julie Johansen

Which gum blows the best bubbles? Do big wheels go faster than little wheels? What causes a crater?

Third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade students answered such questions with their displays at the recent Emery District Science Fair. Young scientists from Book Cliff, Ferron, Castle Dale and Cottonwood elementary schools used the scientific method to observe, form a question, form a hypothesis, conduct an experiment and draw a conclusion. They then made a presentation to convince the judges and entertain an audience.

Winners in the third grade were Carter Sitterud, first, Cottonwood; Lauren Mills, second, Cottonwood; and Kenadi Maughn, third, Cottonwood.

Fourth grade winners were Grace Bernard, first, Ferron; Jace Frandsen, second, Castle Dale; and Emma Grimmett, third, Book Cliff.

Winners in the fifrth grade were Taj Whittsal, first, Cottonwood; Will Stilson, second, Cottonwood; and Tyler Frandsen, third, Castle Dale.

Finally, in the six grade, the winners were Abigail Erwin, first, Book Cliff;  Emily Roundy, second, Book Cliff;  and Zander Hughes, third, Cottonwood.

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