Emery High Chorus Hosts Annual Christmas Concert


Family and friends were entertained on Wednesday evening by the Emery High Choir at their annual Christmas concert.

The choir was directed by David Bird and accompanied by Marilee Cox. The men’s choir started off the night by singing “Child of God,” “Sleigh Bells” and “A Gift for the King.” Bridger Ivie accompanied the choir in “Sleigh Bells” and Laci Hulse played the obo in “A Gift for the King.” The women’s choir then sang “Christmas Star,” “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” and “December Keep.”

The combined chorus finished the concert by singing “Riu Riu,” “El Don Don,” “Please Don’t Sing Another Fa La La,” “Where Will It Lead” and “One Bright Star.” There were solos from Allan Durrant, Jimmy Behling, Sierra Chamberlain, John Behling, Dalton Bennett, Micah Bass and Sabryna Mead. “One Bright Star” was sung with the lights out and candles.

“I think they did great. It was a stressful rehearsel earlier today that was three hours long, but they were able to pull it together,” Bird said.

The choir students gave Marilee Cox and David Bird a gift and thanked them for everything they have done for the students this year.

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