Emery High Drama Department to Present “Shrek The Musical”


“Shrek the Musical” will be showcased Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. in the Emery High Auditorium in Castle Dale.

The cost is $5 for adults, $3 for students and free for kids four and under. It is the second play for the Emery High drama department and the first musical of the year. The musical involves 40 cast members including Micah Bass as Shrek, Aniston Curtis as Fiona, Derek Anderson as Donkey, Travis Fehlberg as Lord Farquaad and Erin Oliverson as the Dragon.

The play is the musical story from the DreamWorks Classic. It’s the story of the ogre Shrek losing his swamp to Lord Farquuad and only getting it back if he can rescue the princess Fiona from the dragon and bring her to Lord Farquaad to marry. In the saving of Fiona, Shrek and his friend donkey, free her only to discover that Shrek is falling for Fiona himself. This fun filled musical involves such great songs as “Bright New Beautiful World,” “I’m A Believer” and “Forever.”

The play lasts about 90 minutes and is appropriate for kids of all ages. It is directed by Neal Peacock and the musical director is Marilee Cox, who also manages the costumes. Costuming was a huge job because there are over 90 different costumes used during the play. Scenery was built by the Emery High stage crew and other volunteers.

“This musical production is my 177th play and 47th musical in my 33 years that I’ve been at Emery High,” Peacock said. “It has been one of the funnest plays that I’ve directed. Sometimes we have to stop rehearsal because we’re laughing so hard.”

The drama department has three other plays planned throughout the rest of the upcoming school year. Come out and enjoy this great family musical.

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