Emery High Graduates Seniors


Emery High School held its commencementВ exercises Thursday if front of a packed audience at the Emery High School Auditorium.

Senior Class President Polson DeMott welcomed the audience and was followed by 1962-1963 class president Craig Johnson.

“Instead of two schools we were one,” he said about the joining of high schools from Huntington and Ferron to create Emery High School in 1962. “Success came to the school because we were a team.”

Salutatorian Eli Oliverson then spoke, followed by honor speakers Whitney Roper and Adri Carter.

After a musical number sung by the choir, Tiffany Funk gave another honor address about zombies and theВ apocalypse and the world that is allegedly ending December 21. She then gave the following seven tips for survival:

Get your act together. Get armed. Get armored. Leave town. Gather supplies. Barricade yourselves and search for survivors. Funk ended by saying, “By this zombie apocalypse I mean college, work, marriage, etc.”

Valedictorian Caleb Woolsey spoke following the last honor address of the evening by Marqui Moss. Principal Larry Davis finished up the night’sВ speeches presenting the seniors to the audience.

Before leaving the auditorium, graduated seniors sang “Halls of Emery.”

This year’s theme was entitled, “You are what you are today because you have chosen to be here.”

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