Emery High Honors Graduating Seniors


Emery High School had its annual Senior Award Night in the EHS auditorium at six on Wednesday.

The night was designed to honor seniors for the hard work and dedication in various areas of high school life. Students were honored for achievements in school, athletics, scholarships and more.

Scholarships that where given out came from Emery Telcom, Emery Scholarship Fund, The Darrell Gardner Scholarship, Singleton/Seely Scholarship, Intermountain Power Scholarship and The Johansen and Tuttle scholarship.

The EHS student council presented Principal Larry Davis with the school’s trophies, plaques and other prizes for this year’s sports teams.

Also the student council voted Dixie Fielder as the teacher of the year because of her time spent helping students graduate high school and move on to college.

Senior Talent Night followed the award ceremony. Talent Night is traditionally a way for the seniors to become mentors to their younger classmates.

Soon after the talent show, the new student council was sworn in by passing the torch – a ritual used that began in the mid 1900’s.


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