Emery High Features Night of the Stars *Photo Gallery*


Students from Emery High gathered to present Night of Stars in preparation for region and state drama competitions.

Drama students have practiced throughout the year for individual, duo and team competitions. The skits were featured at the Night of Stars for parents and fellow classmates to practice in front of crowds under the direction of Neil Peacock.


Aniston Curtis & Micah Bass – Anything You Can Say I Can Do Better

Derek Anderson – French Fries

Reece Behling, Aspen Bloomer, Charlie Turner – Star Spangler Girl

Laura Burke – Primus Americanus

Savannah Woolsey – ADD

Melece Pulli, Hailey Johnson, Aspen Bloomer, Charlie Turner – Spamalot

Tanner Petersen – Misery

Paytn Jeffs & Kevin Butler – Barbie’s Bad Day

Kamrie Simmons – The Little Talk

Caroline Gardner – Phantom

Kylie Peterson – I Am A Man

Jazmyn Sacco – Falling in Love is Like Owning a Dog

Madelyn Carter & Spencer Fauver – As You Like It

Teress Ore & Lizzy Jewkes – The Odd Couple

Jax Gardner – Skydiving

Spencer Fauver, Brittany Fortner, Madelyn Carter – Hairspray

Contest Play – Jerry Finnegan’s Sister

Mark DeBry, Tanner Petersen, Derek Anderson, Madelyn Carter


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