Emery High is ‘Superior’ at 3A Region Drama Competition


The students of the Emery High Spartan Drama Department took first place in their 3A Region Drama Competition on March 24 at Emery High School, and more than that, all of their entries received straight superior ratings.

Drama Teacher Neil Peacock proudly announced the accomplishment to his students, sharing the news that not only had they all made it to the state competition– after being judged three separate times by three different judges– they had scored straight superior ratings. It was an accomplishment that Peacock challenged his Junior and Sophomore classes to work to match.

Many students from the Region participated at Emery High School with intentions of making it to the state competition. Entries in the high school drama competitions consist of scenes from plays, classical scenes, dramatic or humorous dialogues, and pantomimes, as well as musical theater. Those students who receive two superior ratings at region competitions have the opportunity to compete on the state level, so Emery’s run of straight superior ratings was especially noteworthy.

The State Drama Competition will be held April 14-16 at Juab High School.

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