Emery High Principal Teaches a Lesson in Fundraising


Larry Davis, Principal of Emery High, understands that without the support of local businesses many school programs would not exist.

During Emery County’s first Chamber of Commerce Lunch and Learn of 2013 Davis took the opportunity to thank those businesses for their support, and explain to them exactly how their donations are utilized.

“It has been rewarding for me to work with the children, parents, and businesses of Emery County,” Davis said. “I would like to emphasize how we appreciate the support of the business community, without you we would not be able to provide the education we do.”

Davis stressed Emery High places an emphasis on “student involvement,” claiming that is the key to students’ “well rounded” education. He explained that most of the school’s extracurricular activities are solely funded through donations and fundraising efforts.

Many businesses and Emery County residents are familiar with the efforts of student fundraising, but not the process. Administrations across the state are strict to control fundraising avenues.

Before any athlete or student may pursue a fundraising venture they must fill out a fundraiser application specifying the purpose, how the funds will be used, dates and times, and the target amount to be raised, which must be approved by Davis.

Certain school functions are supported through gate receipts or participation fees like football and basketball, but when you consider equipment costs, uniform costs, and competitions, programs are always in need of additional funding.

“Drill team is the most expensive program we offer, costing an estimated $20,000 annually, which they fund through participation fees and fundraising,” Davis said.

For a cost analysis, Davis referenced the football program which has high spectator participation, but the cost of each helmet for a 50 person team is $300-$400 a piece which is not covered entirely through gate receipts.

When considering supporting a school event or organization Davis stressed what businesses receive in return, “You are not only supporting your local athletes and programs but you will be recognized in the community for doing so.”

In closing, Davis stated how proud he was to offer more than 22 clubs and programs at Emery High, explaining students take advantage of every opportunity to give back to their community.

“We have a number of community service projects like beautification projects, blood drives, and building projects,” Davis said. “Also we support our athletic teams as much as we can, and when they make it to state competitions, our teams are representing our school at the highest level.”

Also honored at the luncheon was Dallen Skelly and his crew from Beehive Homes assisted living center as the Business Spotlight of the Month.

Skelley thanked his wife, and numerous employees for their hard work and dedication to their locations in Elmo and Price.

“We love to be in Emery County and have the ability to take care of people,” Skelley said.

The next Emery County Chamber of Commerce meeting will be on March 21, 2013. The time and place will be announced at a later date.


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