Emery High Robotics Takes State Honors


Photos courtesy of Emery High

By Julie Johansen

The Emery High robotics team placed fifth at state in qualifying matches against teams from Utah, Wyoming and New Mexico. This is the best the robotics team has done since the Spartans began their competitions at this level.

Team TNT, consisting of Kadin Hoerner, Kayden Chamberlain, Shane Guymon, David Wacasey, Nick Canterberry and Tylor Canterberry, took fifth place. Team Nuclear Core members Kaydee Martineau, Olivia Snow, Kayden Chamberlain, Claire Morgan, Whitney Morgan, Jeassamyn Ashby, Kaden Cloward, Hunter Jamison, Garrett Lee, Emmett Provost, Alan Wacasey and Austin Iturrio placed 23rd overall.

Any current or prospective high school student can join the robotics club by talking with either Mr. Worwood or Mr. Horrocks at Emery High. The club teaches high-demand skills that can translate to in-demand careers. Mr. Worwood commented, “Every robotics club member could go pro.”

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