Emery High Rodeo Team Helping the Community While Helping Themselves


By Julie Johansen

The Emery High School Rodeo Club is busy preparing for its upcoming rodeo slated for April 6 and 7. They are clearing a vacant lot near the arena to aid in the overcrowded parking situation in Castle Dale. Not only are they helping themselves but they are also doing a great service to Castle Dale City by clearing the overgrowth in the vacant lot near Fourth East and Third South.

Monday evening found the club with back hoes, track hoes, chainsaws and many helping hands clearing dreaded Russian olive tress as well as other overgrown and unkept grasses and bushes. At rodeo time each year, the streets in that area are lined with big trailers and horses, which is not beneficial to anyone. With over 400 contestants in high school rodeo, parking has become a serious problem at the Castle Dale arena.

The state association has been looking for remedies and even considered banning the local rodeo, so the rodeo club contacted the owners of the vacant lot and offered help for the use of the lot. Anytime a vacant lot in Castle Dale is cleaned, it is a big asset to the city. These industrious young athletes, their parents and advisors have proved that they will do whatever they can to further their sport and help the community at the same time.

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