Emery High School Bids Farewell to Class of 2019 *Photo Gallery*


Seniors of Emery High School gathered together one last time as a class on Thursday night to celebrate their graduation and receive their diplomas. Friends and family from all over came to support the graduates during this special evening.

Logan Healy was the opening speaker and kicked off the event with a message about being grateful for the experiences that the class has shared together. Jesse Braun followed with a slew of witty comments during his address that the audience enjoyed with laughter. Then, co-salutatorians Ethan Anderson and Bailey Huggard touched on making a difference and working for your goals with all your heart.

Walker Woolsey, valedictorian, was the concluding speaker and shared a thought that embodied the whole class, “send it.” He talked about living life with passion and not letting fear or other excuses get in the way of goals and desires. When Woolsey finished, a brief flash mob erupted among the class that showed its fun, energetic personality.

Emery High Principal Steven Gordon briefly shared some remarks on the class before they were individually announced and presented their diplomas.

Senior choir members performed a musical number “And Wherever You Go” and the entire senior class sang “Halls of Emery” to end the night.

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