Emery High School Band Performs in Spring Concert


Emery High School’s Band performed three difficult musical selections Tuesday in its annual spring concert. The band then failed to qualify for state after its performance at the Region 15 Band Festival the following day.

The music selections consisted of “The Fairest of the Fairy,” by John Philip Sousa, “Nimrod,” from Enigma Variations, and “Emperata Overture,” by Claude Thomas Smith.

Though the musical selections were on a higher difficulty level than the average high school band, director Ben Carroll said, “I know these songs are hard, but our band can play them.”

In Carroll’s 10 years at Emery High School, the band has placed either first of second at region festival, except for this year. With younger band members the Spartans struggled with theВ difficult selections and placed third with scores of -1 and two +2, failing to qualify for state.

The band will now focus on selecting music for summer marching band and pep band.


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