Emery High School’s Graduation Party Brought to Life Each Year by a Caring Citizen


Emery High School’s graduation party for 2016 almost did not happen. The graduation party has been hosted through Four Corners for around 10 or 15 years with activities including inflatables, laser tag, swimming and prizes.

The reason behind the celebration almost not taking place this year is because a big entity had to step down and was not able to provide funds or assistance. Lorie Huntington, a former Four Corners employee and current nurse at Castleview Hospital, was contacted by parents and students requesting help to make it possible.

Huntington stepped up to the challenge as she sees that it’s very important for the students to be able to celebrate their graduation every year.

“Seeing all the kids show up and have fun, and just kind of hang out with each other,” was stated as Huntington’s favorite part of hosting this event.

According to Huntington, she begins the process in December or January. Huntington stated she would like to reach out and find others that would like to assist in putting this event on. Donations for this event are also always accepted whether they are in the form of a cash or prize donation. Huntington’s goal is to have a committee put together for the event.

If you would like to donate to the graduation party for Emery High School or sign up to volunteer to assist Huntington in putting the event together, you may contact her at (435) 749-1395.

Huntington would like to thank Four Corners for always being so willing to help. She would also like to thank the Emery County School District, Misty Farley, Jonathan Fauber, Janice Lynn and Geraldine Wright for their continued assistance.

Huntington would also like to say a special thank you to the following entities and businesses: Emery County Sheriff’s Office, Emery County Recreation, Emery County Aquatic Center, Emery County Commissioners, Emery High Student Council, Desertview Credit Union, Emery Medical Center, JN Auto, Magnuson Meats, Huntington Ranch, Expression Dance Company, Food Ranch, Todd and Nadene Hinkins, Boyd’s Pharmacy, Magnuson Lumber, SEUHD, Price Wave Pool, Ace Hardware, Stewart’s, Eastern Utah Community Credit Union, Jenny Mangum, HD Ink and Seven Peaks.

“Once again, the party was able to continue with the support from our amazing donations,” Hungtington and Misty Farley said. “280 students came and celebrated. Thanks for all you do to help.”

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