Emery High Seniors Honored at Award Night


Tanner Petersen, Emery High Senior Class President, welcomed the audience on Tuesday for the Senior Award Night. Principal Larry Davis and Assistant Principal Steven Gordon presented scholars with the Presidential Academic Achievement Awards, Emery School District Achievement Awards, Valedictorian and Salutatorian awards.

Scholarships were presented by the San Rafael Conservation District and Utah Association of Conservation District, United Way of Eastern Utah, MLBPAA/Spencer’s Wishes, Emery Telcom, Emery Scholarship Fund, Darrell Gardner Scholarship, Singleton/Seely Scholarship and Intermountain Power Project.

The Dixie State University scholarship recipients were Kelsie Cox, Hayden Johnson and Gavin McDermott. Elly Stephens was awarded a Salt Lake Community College scholarship. Southern Utah University scholarship recipients included Jason Anderson, Mariah Behling, Sidnee Conder, Kelsie Cox, Spencer Fauver, Hayden Johnson, Gavin McDermott, Kassidee Oakeson, Drexler Tanner, Ryleigh Winn and Savannah Woolsey. Utah State University scholarship recipients were Banner Fauver and Hayden Johnson. The Utah Valley University scholarship recipients included Mariah Behling, Shaydee Murray, MaKlayne Moss, Jaden Olsen, Tanner Petersen, Sarah Roberts and Drexler Tanner. Tyler Kay and Elly Stephens were awarded a scholarship from Westminster College.

USU Eastern scholarship recipients were McKlane Allred, Cameron Allred, Jason Anderson, Haylee Beckstead, Mariah Behling, David Bird, Braden Burke, Autumn Byington, Makaila Clark, Zachary Clifford, Sidnee Conder, Brittany Cox, Cassidy Curtis, Bailey Faimalo, Jax Gardner, Jamie Gilbert, Hans Guymon, Gentry Guymon, Alexis Hall, Baylee Hess, Hayden Johnson, Conner Justice, Tyler Kay, McKoy Kemple, Cameron McGuire, Trever Mead, Tyler Miera, Makalie Morgan, Sheriden Mortensen, Katelyn Nicholson, Kassidee Oakeson, Tanner Petersen, Hunter Potter, Kelton Price, Hayley Procarione, Shelby Smith, Elly Stephens, Megan Stout and Madisyn Viers,

The scholarship recipients for Snow College were Jason Anderson, Mariah Behling, Sarah Collard, Kelsie Cox, Ryan Cox, Derrick Dawes, Jax Gardner, Jamie Gilbert, Ashlee Guymon, Gentry Guymon, Hans Guymon, McKade Hansen, Carson Healy, Abby Jacobson, Conner Justice, KaRanda Krompel, McKlayne Moss, Brittnee Murdoch, Kaden Oakeson, Kassidee Oakeson, Jaden Olsen, Tanner Petersen, Justan Potter, Hayley Procarione, Melece Pulli, Daniel Smith, Shelby Smith, Shantel Sitterud, Zachery West, Madison Winn, Ryleigh Winn and Kendra Young.

Tanner Petersen received a scholarship from Western Wyoming Community College and Kendra Young received a scholarship from Western Undergraduate Exchange.

The total amount of scholarships awarded to the Emery High School Class of 2014 was $656,436.50.

Congratulations graduates!

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