Emery High Speech and Debate Captures Region 2A South Title


Photos courtesy of Tom Hansen.

The Emery High School Speech and Debate team captured the Region 2A South championship on Tuesday. The competition was conducted at Emery High and offered the students a chance to shine.

Teams from Wasatch Academy, Grand and Beaver High also participated in the event. In the end, Emery walked away with the region title.

Team points for overall sweepstakes were Emery High-104, Grand High-79, Beaver High-74 and Wasatch Academy-19.

Individual results in the student congress category included:

1.Sarah Roberts – Emery.

2. Hayden Johnson – Emery.

3. Doo Hee Kwon – Beaver and Jacob Smith – Beaver (tied for third place).

5. Becca Farnsworth – Grand.

Winners in extemporaneous speaking included:

1. Tina Lacock – Emery.

2. Deanna Irvin – Grand.

3. Rika Kluck – Emery.

4. Ted Kanell – Beaver.

5. David Bird – Emery.

Students placing in oratory speech included:

1. Savanna Woolsey – Emery.

2. Robin Willscheidt – Grand.

3. Mathew Robinson – Beaver.

4. Stacey Andrus – Grand.

5. Lacey Duckett – Beaver.

Placing in impromptu speech were:

1. Abdul Manoh – Wasatch Academy.

2. Caleb Christiansen – Beaver.

3. Tanner Peterson – Emery.

4. Madelyn Carter – Emery and Anna Scherer – Grand (tied for fourth place).

In the Lincoln Douglas debate category, the following students placed:

1. Tanner Peterson – Emery.

2. Tina Lacock – Emery.

3. Caleb Christiansen – Beaver.

4. Ted Kanell – Beaver.

5. Stacey Andrus – Grand.

Placing in public forum debate was:

1. Anna Scherer and Deanna Irvin – Grand.

2. Sarah Roberts and Hayden Johnson – Emery.

3. Hailey Johnson and Levi Jensen – Emery.

4. Kayla Weston and Brityn Ballard – Grand.

5. Dallas Jessup and Jarom Harris – Beaver.

Spontaneous argument winners include:

1. Jacob Smith – Beaver.

2. David Bird – Emery.

3. Kayden Parkins – Emery.

4. Evan Swenson – Emery and Annie Merrill – Wasatch Academy (tied for fourth place).


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